celebrating 70 + elk falls

Within one week I went from photographing 3 week old twins to photographing 70 year old twins. How neat is that?!?! FredView full post »

a little bit of familiar + family walk

When I first photographed this beautiful family, their oldest son Austin was the same age as their newest addition,View full post »

teeny strength + a rainy day

The muted light that passes through a window on a rainy day makes me smile. It shouldn’t (it isn’t reallyView full post »

in love + upcoming celebrations

2013 is going to be an exciting year, so much love and celebration! Such fun couples, amazing ideas, at so manyView full post »

riley james + jase ryan {twins}

There are moments in my photography life that I hope to hold onto forever. A snapshot that hasn’t been taken withView full post »

sink or swim + music

I usually have my playlist of indie/folk songs that I love. Listening to it when I edit releases me into my workflow. IView full post »

expecting 2012 + happy birthday bluetree

I cannot believe that I forgot Bluetree’s birthday! January 1st 2011 was when Bluetree Photography was created.View full post »

new babies of 2012 + a new year

Each and every January 1st I get incredibly sentimental reflecting on the past year, wondering how I just blinked 365View full post »

oliver + smile

I will literally sing and dance to get little ones to smile. Some of you have watched me and thought, that crazy ladyView full post »