west coast + beautiful light

When I spend time with someone, a few minutes or a few years, I am completely inspired by each individual. It can be aView full post »

sweet baby allie + 16 days new

I watched as you grew in your Momma’s tummy, through each trimester, hearing when your Mommy and Daddy found outView full post »

too quiet + rainbow lightsaber

After getting in from the beach, Oliver was busy building something… a city I think. I’m not sure how longView full post »

hello bianca + a birth story

DISCLAIMER – The following sequence of images documents a live birth. If you continue to view this post you willView full post »

princess gracie + lifestyle newborn session

The time I spend with a family or couple, and the connection made, always surprises me. My heart is filled.  Being ableView full post »

fresh beach air + little boys

My son is like a border collie. He needs quite a bit of fresh air and exercise. If he doesn’t get any, he startsView full post »

any day now + i love fog

We were timing contractions the night before, some were consistently 4 mins apart, some were 12, 8, 6. Ok, not soView full post »

cona’s people + winter beach

It was overcast and the tiniest of snow flakes were trying to make it to the ground. The air was cool and quiet. AnView full post »

puppy love + port alberni

If you have ever had a dog, you will know that their love is completely unconditional. You can accidentally step onView full post »