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windy beach day

When we get a break from the days of rain, even if it is cold and windy, we head outside. Usually to the beach. We haveView full post »

plants + winter

I adore watching the world through his eyes. It is truly a gift. His wonder and excitement, playing and laughing andView full post »

1 minute

I blinked and now baby is 10 months, big brother is 5 going on 15. I feel like every single day they are each growing soView full post »

after school + foggy beach

A new year. These boys. Many beach days ahead of us.View full post »

Oliver Saal + Alistair Remy

We welcomed our second baby boy into the world at 4:01 am on April 15th, 2014. An incredible home birth followed by daysView full post »

saying goodbye + last breaths

Yesterday morning my mom took her last breath. Sandra Jane Ostwald {June 27th 1956 – February 18th 2014}. HerView full post »

too quiet + rainbow lightsaber

After getting in from the beach, Oliver was busy building something… a city I think. I’m not sure how longView full post »

oliver + smile

I will literally sing and dance to get little ones to smile. Some of you have watched me and thought, that crazy ladyView full post »

light + play

Driving home last night with the family, sitting in the passenger seat with my camera in my lap. What to do, what to doView full post »