sibling love + baby tucker

TUCKER 22.02.2014-3
I have been photographing this lovely family since the beginning of Bluetree and was thrilled when I learned they were expecting their third baby! Watching momma’s belly grow so beautifully, seeing the kids at swimming and hearing all of the anticipation and updates was so wonderful. When Tucker was born I cried, possibly because of my own pregnancy hormones, and maybe just because my heart grew a bit more. It snowed like crazy the day of our photo session, but it was warm and lovely inside. So much love for Tucker xo.
TUCKER 22.02.2014-2-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-5
TUCKER 22.02.2014-7-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-10
TUCKER 22.02.2014-12-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-15
TUCKER 22.02.2014-16-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-17
TUCKER 22.02.2014-19-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-21
TUCKER 22.02.2014-22-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-23
TUCKER 22.02.2014-30
TUCKER 22.02.2014-32-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-37
TUCKER 22.02.2014-39-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-40
TUCKER 22.02.2014-42-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-44
TUCKER 22.02.2014-48-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-51
TUCKER 22.02.2014-53-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-56
TUCKER 22.02.2014-58-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-60
TUCKER 22.02.2014-61-2
TUCKER 22.02.2014-62

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April 10, 2014 - 9:18 pm

jennifer armstrong - oh. These are just precious. Each & every one a perfect gift. SO lovely.

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