searching for snow + marshmellow hearts

C&K 25.01.2014-29

Their connection was incredible, highlighted by the warm winter sun. An afternoon just to focus on each other’s hearts, smiles, and touch. We have been on such a journey together this past year that it is beautiful moments like these, and the anticipation of a lovely celebration that we need to hold on to. The day was beyond wonderful!… The sun, the snowy adventure and finished off with heartshaped marshmellows and hot chocolate. Love and happiness. xo

C&K 25.01.2014-1bw
C&K 25.01.2014-2
C&K 25.01.2014-3bw
C&K 25.01.2014-4
C&K 25.01.2014-5bw
C&K 25.01.2014-12
C&K 25.01.2014-7bw
C&K 25.01.2014-14
C&K 25.01.2014-16bw
C&K 25.01.2014-18
C&K 25.01.2014-21bw
C&K 25.01.2014-22
C&K 25.01.2014-23bw
C&K 25.01.2014-24
C&K 25.01.2014-25bw
C&K 25.01.2014-26
C&K 25.01.2014-27bw
C&K 25.01.2014-32
C&K 25.01.2014-33bw
C&K 25.01.2014-34
C&K 25.01.2014-35bw
C&K 25.01.2014-36
C&K 25.01.2014-38bw
And then we drove down from the mountain to catch the sun setting behind the fog. Absolutely amazing day. 
C&K 25.01.2014-40
C&K 25.01.2014-41bw
C&K 25.01.2014-43
C&K 25.01.2014-44bw
C&K 25.01.2014-45
C&K 25.01.2014-46bw
C&K 25.01.2014-49
C&K 25.01.2014-50bw
C&K 25.01.2014-52
C&K 25.01.2014-53bw
C&K 25.01.2014-55
C&K 25.01.2014-56bw
C&K 25.01.2014-58

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June 16, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Oana - Such a lovely couple and such an incredible job at capturing it. 🙂

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