meeting grayson + home water birth

WYATT 08.12.2013-1
DISCLAIMER – The following sequence of images documents a live birth. 
If you continue to view this post you will inevitably see some photographs of a baby being born.

You might think that doing something for the second time would be less spectacular… however, this is not true, especially capturing a baby’s first breath. An image that can never be replicated.

It is extremely difficult for me to describe into words how amazing this night was, tears instantly well up in my eyes remembering the absolute joy these parents felt the moment they met their son! I had to take a few breaths before walking into their home, my excitement made me want to burst through the door and start skipping down the hallway. Warm from the wood stove, the preparation of filling the birthing pool, and then the very quiet sounds of Rachel breathing through her contractions. Everything progressed so smoothly (Rachel may remember it differently), the gentle encouragement…  then the moment Grayson was born, freely from mom, through warm water into his first breaths, surrounded by such intense love and support was truly an emotional experience.

Life. It is a beautiful thing.
Thank-you Rachel and Kellen, I feel so very lucky to have captured such an incredible part of your story together. xoxo
Photographing Grayson’s birth makes me SO very excited for my own upcoming planned home water birth with the same wonderful midwives!

WYATT 08.12.2013-3bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-6bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-7bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-11bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-13bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-21bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-29bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-30bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-35bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-38bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-39bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-41bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-42bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-43bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-46bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-51bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-54bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-56bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-59bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-62bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-67bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-69bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-78bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-80bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-81bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-82bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-86bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-103
WYATT 08.12.2013-105
WYATT 08.12.2013-108
WYATT 08.12.2013-112
WYATT 08.12.2013-114
WYATT 08.12.2013-115
WYATT 08.12.2013-117
WYATT 08.12.2013-118
WYATT 08.12.2013-121
WYATT 08.12.2013-125bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-130
WYATT 08.12.2013-131
WYATT 08.12.2013-133bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-145bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-147bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-149bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-151bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-155bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-158bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-160bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-164bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-166bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-172bw
WYATT 08.12.2013-168bw

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January 21, 2014 - 9:08 pm

Kim Kufaas - Ohhh my goodness <3 Made me tear up a little, so beautiful. Glad I viewed the whole album finally!

January 21, 2014 - 8:47 am

njvan - Thank-you Jessica!

January 21, 2014 - 8:47 am

njvan - Thank-you so much Jennifer xo

January 21, 2014 - 8:47 am

njvan - Katie, if you have another baby, I will be there to photograph your birth in a heartbeat!

January 21, 2014 - 8:46 am

jennifer armstrong - such beautiful captures of a time like no other. Perfect.

January 20, 2014 - 8:47 pm

Katie - These are, beyond words, incredible. What an amazing experience to witness, NJ!! And the most unreal mementoes for the family. I kinda wish you photo’d my birth now 🙁

January 19, 2014 - 9:23 pm

Jessica - Wow! These are the most stunning photos! Congrats Rachele & family!

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