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S&I 22.06.2013-665

Ikumi and Stephen were planning their wedding from a different province, in a mountain town (which just so happens to be where I first met my hubby), so the first time we met was on Skype! I’m not sure how much we talked about their upcoming celebration as much as hearing their story and finding out how much we had in common. Next, a coffee date at a local shop. I was steadily falling in love with their love.

Their day came, the clouds holding back the rain. The house full of  love, busy finishing details, Ikumi was all grace and beauty, and the way Stephen looked at her melted me. Such an intimate and beautiful ceremony. And that driftwood arbour was fantastic!

Thank-you for climbing boulders, stopping randomly on the side of the road, and trusting me to capture part of your story.

Continue climbing mountains together I&S xo

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S&I 22.06.2013-840
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S&I 22.06.2013-847
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S&I 22.06.2013-915

Wedding dress – Mermaid all race dress from Dress Black (name of the company) in Japan

Flowers – Green Roses, Green Bottom Mums, Seeded Eucalyptus, Green Large Carnations, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Ruscus Green Leaves, White Dasies, Green Hypercurinum Berries, and White Hydrangea put together by Marylou Cyr

Decor – Rustic Beach House theme using many shells, different shade of blue colour hand made banner around head tables instead of skirt. etc.

Day of Coordinator – Groom’s mother and Bride

Catering – Seafood buffet put together by Dawn Sturmey and her crews

Venue – Groom’s parents’ backyard for ceremony, reception and dinner – Maritime Heritage Centre , Campbell River

Hair –  by Mandy, Headquarters Salon, Campbell River

Make-up – Bride’s friend who is an aesthetician

Marriage commissioner – Craig Gillis

Rings –  Peoples

Bride’s bouquet -Green Roses, Green Bottom Mums, Seeded Eucalyptus, Green Large Carnations, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Ruscus Green Leaves
wrapped with burlap and several crystal like sparkly pins on the burlap

Bridesmaids dresses – Royal Blue Colour dress (Bridesmaids picked on their own)

Menswear – Gray Kalvin Klein tux rented from Moores

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