introducing makena + sibling love

I blinked and 40 weeks went by. It really doesn’t feel that long ago when there were a handful of us planning our next babies. May seemed like a good month to start!  Well, my life got a wee bit hectic, but luckily a few of my lovely friends got pregnant. I have to admit that I absolutely love when my friends get pregnant, and then have babies, and then I get to snuggle them. And catching big brother absolutely loving his new baby sister pretty much put me into a puddle of goo. SO sweet!

Not sure what it is about having kids that makes time fly by so fast?! I remember when I met Alanna and she was pregnant with her first baby, Rhys. I think I sewed him something, back when I was crafty. Now their lovely family has a new baby girl, who is so very loved. The last couple of photos are pretty special, the blanket she is wrapped up in, is full of history.

So incredibly happy for this family, x0

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