fresh beach air + little boys

My son is like a border collie. He needs quite a bit of fresh air and exercise. If he doesn’t get any, he starts to bounce off of the walls. It is also impossible for him to sit still for photos… unless he is sleeping, strapped in his car seat. So, I have always found myself taking my camera with me when we go for family walks.

Taking little ones out into the fresh air and letting the play and explore, together with their family is what I really enjoy about outdoor photography. It also means that I get some fresh air and exploring in my day.

We were so lucky to have the beach to ourselves. I absolutely love an empty beach, no boundaries, only free play. It is so incredibly quiet, except for the chatter of little boys. These two little men were so loving to their parents, and their little sister who they are excited to meet. A perfect beach morning!

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