any day now + i love fog

We were timing contractions the night before, some were consistently 4 mins apart, some were 12, 8, 6. Ok, not so consistent, but there were many of us who were completely consumed by timing each minute. I came home and was way too excited to sleep. A different kind of excitement than when I started feeling contractions with my son. This was happy tears jumping up and down excitement instead of pacing, aching, clenching excitement.

Phone turned all the way up, in my hand. I may have slept an hour. So I woke up and every text I received that morning, I leaped out of myself… “Good morning dear” from my mom. “Are you and booger up yet?” from my husband. “Are you satisfied with your customer service” from Bell. Then finally I get one from Lindsay, and the contractions had stopped. The disappointment was felt through every word. Waiting for number three must be pretty spectacular, especially with two beautiful girls and the rest of their world waiting to hear if the baby is a boy or girl.

{I am officially putting my guess at boy}

When contractions stopped all together, I thought that by taking some photos we would magically make them start up again. We all thought baby “boy?” was arriving that foggy day, and so of course we thought we should take a photo or two to document this glorious day. {side note: “fog” in Danish is “tåge”. Which is neat. Also this wonderful morning was full of fog. And I LOVE fog. LOVE it. I feel like calling everyone I know to take photos on foggy days. My husband shares my love for fog. So does my son. We are fog loving family.

Five minutes, in the winter fog, with my beautiful friend. Some burley men collecting driftwood. It was perfect.

I know momma isn’t sleeping tonight, waiting patiently. A few photos to show the pure beauty I see, of my very pregnant friend. Love you and can’t wait to meet baby number three x0

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February 7, 2013 - 9:32 am

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January 20, 2013 - 4:18 am

jennifer armstrong - your photos are as lovely as your story.

January 19, 2013 - 7:17 pm

jennie - Oh Linney,
what a stunner you are. I am So excited to meet #3.

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