a little bit of amazing + kitty coleman woodland gardens

This evening was going to be SO amazing, we were taking our 3 1/2 year old boy to meet the worlds most amazing Santa {I even think he’s really Santa} at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens. I took him last year when he was two and a half. Looking back, it was more for me than for him. But this year we were all beyond excited!

Except it is Wednesday, and there is no Santa on Wednesday.

Lucky for us, Christmas music was playing and the paths were lined with magical lights that delighted each one of us. We walked through all of the trails, discovering more lights at each turn… so much beauty. Oliver was full of wonder and amazement that he thankfully forgot about Santa. He wanted to stay here forever.

Thank-you Brian Zimmerman for being such a wonderful person to bring such delight to us tonight and to many other families over the past 25 years.

I snapped a few photos, no tripod, handheld, low shutter speed. Not technically good at all. But it’s pretty and I like it !

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